Success – It All Begins in the Mind

We can trace every small business origin back to an “idea” in the mind of an entrepreneur. Yes, it starts as an idea. The idea develops into a dream of owning a thriving, growing small business that offers the owner financial freedom and dreams of being your own boss. Let me emphasize this again, it all begins in the mind.

Starting a small business is an exciting time. The owner has faith in their idea and is willing to invest a great deal of “sweat equity” and energy in getting the idea started. There are often many challenges to overcome, but most of these obstacles can be negotiated and overcome with enthusiasm and effort.

Many small businesses begin with very little start-up capital, so it’s up to the owner to solve problems with limited resources. That’s why you see small business owners working harder and longer than the average person who has a regular job. They do everything from sales, customer service, and answering calls to sweeping the floor and emptying the trash can!   

Being a small business owner is not easy! Over time, the idea fades, the workload piles up and most small business owners become discouraged and may give up.  They lose sight of the original vision and become frustrated, overwhelmed and just plain burned out.

This blog channel is dedicated to helping small business owners achieve the original idea of owning a growing small business that is creating financial wealth and personal freedom for the owner.

Do you want to be that owner who is living the lifestyle of being secure financially? Do you want free time to live life to its fullest? OK then! Let’s get started!

Growth begins in the mind

Just like starting a business begins in the mind of the owner, successfully growing a small business starts with the right mindset. The growth mindset assumes that you have the power to change the direction of your life as opposed to a victim mindset which claims no agent of change.  Today we will discuss the first of many important principles regarding the proper growth mindset. These principles govern my behavior in my personal life, my marriage, my body and health, and my business. You will see these crucial ideas on display in meetings at the office, in conversation with my wife, or in decisions about whom I choose to hang around with in my free time.

The first principle is what I call Trajectory. Yes, Trajectory!



the path followed by an object moving under given forces.

Geometry – a curve at a constant angle

Stop a moment and think about these questions….

In your Business:

What direction is your business headed?

  • Are you happy with your sales?
  • Is your bookkeeping system where it needs to be?
  • Are your employees doing their jobs well and relieving you of stress?
  • Is your business managed well and by the numbers?
  • Could you be doing better in your business?

In your Body:

How is your health?

  • Are you fit and strong physically?
  • Are you taking care of your body?
  • Do you get enough quality rest?
  • Could you be doing better in your health?

In your Mind:

Are you stressed-out, and feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are you disconnected from your family?
  • Are you wasting time on social media or watching too much TV?
  • Do you have some bad habits that are harmful?
  • Could you be doing better in your thinking and attitudes?

These are simple questions, and they are centered around this simple concept of “Trajectory”.

When assessing trajectory, you need to answer a few questions:

  • What direction am I headed?
  • Is this the direction I want to go?
  • Most importantly, is time on my side?

Let’s look at some simple “Trajectory” questions with regards to business, body and mind:

In your Business:

Is your sales trajectory down? If it is down and remains down, your business is not going to be sustainable.  If you have no sales, you will soon have no business. It’s that simple. Therefore, you must solve the sales trajectory problem. By focusing on this problem and developing ideas, plans, systems and solutions, you are …. now listen… here it comes… you are putting “time on your side”. By solving the sales trajectory problem with a sustainable system, time becomes your ally. Imagine an upward bound graph that is moving in the right direction over time indicating that your sales revenue is growing and increasing at a sustainable rate. That’s your trajectory! Time is on your side.

In your Body:

Do you have some bad nutrition and eating habits that are causing you problems? It’s ok,  most of us do. Bad eating habits can wreck your health and rob you of energy and the ability to be your best. Trajectory is critical here. What good habits would change your direction? Could you eat more salads, vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, mushroom and other superfoods? Could you exercise and perhaps walk more? By just adopting (slowly over time) a few better habits, you can change the trajectory of your health!

Time can become your best friend, by having healthy eating and exercise habits. You are losing excess body weight over time and have changed your trajectory. Time is on your side!

In your Mind:

How you think and your mindset are the most important of all! Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re probably right.” Your mind is where it all begins and ends. Is your mind distracted and constantly busy with unimportant and sometimes harmful thinking? Do you experience some negative emotions that seem to take control of your mind and body? Well, there is hope!

We can always improve our thinking, change our mind and our thoughts and therefore, change our trajectory! The good news is, you can make changes starting today to improve your thinking!  As a result of changing your trajectory you will feel more satisfied, fulfilled and happy.

Thanks for taking time to dive into this topic with me. Reach out to us to find out how we can help you get your business soaring with the right trajectory. Be sure and subscribe to our blog and stay tuned as next time we discuss Alignment.

Forward Thinking. Future Progress!

G. David Chappell, CPA, PFS